Our Company

Formur was incorporated in November 1984. At first, bases its activity in manufacturing Metal Findings for Leather, Footwear and Apparel. In the early 90s the company consolidated in the domestic market, as part of the leading companies in sales over the following years and highlighting among its customers major national and international companies in the textile sector. free

Currently, we are dedicated to making any metal item in a variety of sectors of metal, as metal components for kitchens, hardware items, construction, metal fencing, high range and variety aluminum components for locksmiths.

General Facilities

We have fully automated facility for mass production of all metal items that the market demands.

We have Power Presses from 50 T to 250 T, fully equipped with the latest technology in terms of equipment Food Material Using Electronic Controller, Grooming Supplies and Electronic Systems with Automatic Trimmers, Straighteners, etc...

Workshop tooling and stamping

Due to the widespread demand for our core sectors, was established 10 years ago our own workshop Mold and Die. In principle, was created to better serve our customers, but thanks to the experience and expertise of the team that form, we have been growing and modernizing this section of our firm.

Should highlight the following features:

  • Creating Matrices and Computerized Design and Dies.
  • Maintenance and service to our customers and Dies Die already made.
  • Reforms and adjustments to Matrices and Dies.
  • Penetration and wire erosion.

  • Manufacture of metal products
  • Workshop tooling and stamping
  • Metal accessories for locksmiths
  • Household
  • Made

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